OBCamera Plugin Tutorial

Before you can get started with streaming, you will need to follow this short tutorial to install the OBCam plugin on your computer. This will allow the OBCam app and OBS Studio to communicate with each other.

This installation process will not take longer than 5 minutes.


Make sure to have:

  1. The latest version of OBS Studio, can be found here: https://obsproject.com/ 
  2. Latest version of OS is advised, otherwise, it’s recommended to have OS above MacOS 10.13/Windows 8.
  3. Latest version of iTunes, can be found here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210384 
  4. Quitted OBS Studio, if it’s open.
  5. Make sure that there is only one type of plugin installed at the same time, otherwise, you will face a configuration conflict. To remove installed plugin, please visit the troubleshooting page.

Connect through USB or WiFi with NDI®

We support two types of connections: USB and WIFI with NDI®, if you wish to have a stable connection and fast speed, we recommend you to go with USB. If you are seeking for flexibility, WIFI with NDI® is a good option. 

For USB connection, please click here
For WIFI with NDI® connection, please click here