If you go back to OBS and there is no streaming feed on OBS, please try these following steps:

  1. Making sure the iDevices Cam 1.1 source is selected.
  2. Press the Gear button and choose to Refresh / Reconnect to your device.
  3. Remove the plugin, and add it back following step 5 (Connect your Device to OBS Studio) from the Tutorial page.

If the problem persists, please follow these steps:

  1. Close OBS Studio on your Mac or Windows computer.
  2. Close the application OBCam for OBS Studio on your iPhone/iPad.
  3. Unplug the lightning cable.
  4. Reopen OBS Studio on your Mac/Wins again, make sure that the plugin is installed.
  5. Reopen the application OBCam for OBS Studio on your iPhone/iPad.
  6. Plug the lightning cable in again.
  7. Follow step 1 to 3 again as listed at the first above.
  8. If the problem is still there, and you are a Windows user, please open iTunes and leave it open, then repeat steps 4 to 10.

Reinstall Plugin – How to remove plugin

  • For Mac: Please navigate to /Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins and remove the folder that contains the plugin you want to remove.
  • For Windows: Please go to Settings or Control Panel and choose the plugins with the name you want to remove.
  • After removing the plugin, you can install it back simply by grabbing the link on tutorial page:

Supported iOS devices

  • iPhone: iPhone 5s and up ( include the recent release of iPhone SE). 
  • iPad: iPad (5th Generation and up), iPad Mini (4th Generation and up) , iPad Air (3rd Generation and up), all iPad Pros. More info, please visit Apple’s website on how to identify your iPad:

Install plugin manually for Windows Users

To install the plugin manually, please follow these steps: 

  1. Download the zip file for manual installation, please download here.
  2. Extract the downloaded file, it should look like the image below.
  1. Open the location where you install OBS Studio, you can find the path by right clicking on OBS Studio and choosing Properties, it should look like the image below.
  1. Press Open File Location and navigate up 2 folders (click on obs-studio in the folder navigation, see the red rectangle in the image below).
  1. Right at this folder, copy both of the folders you extracted in step 2 (obs-plugins, data) and paste them on top. Click in the empty area (the Green circle) before you paste, to be sure that those folders will not be the sub-folder. It should remain the same structure.
  1. When prompted to grant permission, press “Continue” and select “Do this for all current items”.
  1.  After done, you should have the same structure as shown in step 4.

This should conclude the steps on how to install the plugin manually for Windows, you can now continue with Step 3 Add the plugin into OBS Sources on the Tutorial page.

If you still experience issues connecting, please visit FAQ.