Connect through USB

1. Download the iOS Camera Plugin for OBS Studio

Make sure to quit any open windows of OBS Studio before installing the plugin. Then proceed to download and install below plugin.

2. Add the plugin into OBS Sources

After you have installed the plugin, please follow these steps to add the plugin as new source:

  1. Open OBS Studio 
  2. Look for the Sources section, press on the + button and choose “iDevices Cam 1.1” (see below image) 
  1. When it’s done, there should be a new source called “iDevices Cam 1.1” and this is our main entry point to configure it in the next step 

Note for Windows users, if you cannot find the source following the above steps, please install the plugin manually.

3. Download and install the iOS App: OBCam – Device as HD Webcam

4. Connect your Device to OBS Studio

For better results, make sure that your iOS device is disconnected and the OBCamera app is closed. 

  1. Ensure that your iOS device’s lightning cable is disconnected.
  2. Open OBS Studio.

If there is no “iDevices Cam 1.1”, following step 2 above. Please follow below steps:

  1. Open OBCamera App on your device
  2. Navigate to the main screen where you will see the USB status button in the bottom left corner, for now it will say “Not Connected”
  3. Use your lightning cable that came with your device to connect to your computer.
  4. Go back to OBS Studios, highlight the plugin “iDevice Cam 1.1” and press the Gear button right below it.
  1. When you configure the plugin for the first time, it will look like the below where the dropdown for iOS Device is None.
  1. Choose your device by pressing on the dropdown list – see red rectangle in below example image.

Now it should display what OBCamera app is capturing, you can verify this by the change in USB status at the bottom of the OBCameraf app, it now should say “Connected”. And in OBS Studio there should be live capturing of what you see within the app.

If you experience any issues connecting, please visit the Troubleshooting or FAQ page.